Katalog der UB Siegen

Women professors programme

In November 2007 the State and the Länder arranged a common program in order to increase the number of women professors at German universities. At least 200 posts for newly appointed professors should be financed over a period of five years (2008-2012). The total amount of 150 million euro destined to women professors was equally procured by the Federal Ministry for Education and Research (BMBF) and by the Ministers of Science. In order to take part to the program, every participant had to present a concept of equality, which had to be evaluated positively by the jury. Every admitted university could hire three women for  temporary posts.

The university of Siegen is one of the 79 universities in 15 federal states who, already at the 1st opportunity, applied successfully to take part to the programme. In total 2 women professors can be financed from the programme.

During the conference “Excellence and equal opportunities” in June 2012, State and Länder made up a balance of the programme. The selected universities, including the university of Siegen, had the possibility to present innovative equality-promoting measures financed through the participation to the program.