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This website is outdated and no longer maintained. The new MAGKS website is at www.magks.de. Please update your bookmarks.

MAGKS Joint Discussion Paper Series in Economics

Research papers by faculty and doctoral students related to the MAGKS doctoral program may be found here.


MAGKS Workshop

Every semester, the MAGKS workshop provides doctoral students with the opportunity to present their academic research to participants of MAGKS. Presentations and lively discussions give important feedback and help to improve the quality of the research papers. It is furthermore a good preparation for upcoming presentations at national and international conferences.

The MAGKS workshop moreover provides doctoral students with the opportunity to network with other researchers doing research in the same or related fields as themselves. It is thus often also the starting point for research cooperation, collaborative work and joint papers.

Last but not least, the workshop exposes participants to current research by other economists and motivates younger scholars to engage in discussion about each other's work.

The next MAGKS doctoral colloquium will take place at Rauischholzhausen Castle on March 19,20, 2015. Further information can be found here.