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Applied Microeconomics / Industrial Organization



Prof. Dr. Georg Götz


JLU Gießen

First meeting:

November 08, 2013 (further information can be found in Syllabus)

Registration deadline:

November 01, 2013


English or German, depending on participants



Course description (preliminary): The course consists of two parts. The first part presents some basic topics based on standard textbooks such as A. Mas-Colell, M.D. Whinston, J. Green, Microeconomic Theory, Oxford University Press, 1995, Riley, John G.: Essential microeconomics, Cambridge University Press 2012,  and X. Vives. Oligopoly Pricing: Old Ideas and New Tools. Cambridge, Mass.: MIT Press, 1999. A focus of this part will be on workhorse models for specifying the demand side as well as on how to derive (general) results. The second part of the course consists of hands‐on training on how to build an economic model. Based on my own research, I want to discuss how research questions look like and how we get from the idea to the model. The participants’ task will be to build an economic model. Depending on participants’ preferences, the course can also provide an introduction on how to use the software package Mathematica in economic modeling.