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Experimental Economic Research



Prof. Dr. Björn Frank


University of Kassel


October 15-19, 2012

limited to 11 participants

This is the plan:
We meet on Monday (October 15th) and try to make up an experiment. I will definitely not come with an own plan for an experiment. Nothing will be prepared before; I will initiate and moderate your joint creative efforts and possibly give some input if necessary. We'll speak English and/or German on that occasion.

On Tuesday, we discuss details of the experiment and write the instructions (in German, but it is o.k. if German is a foreign language for some workshop participants). The experiment will take place on Wednesday. Subjects will be first semester students of economics. On the same day, we start analyzing the data; if you have STATA or other statistical software on your laptop, please bring it with you. On Thursday we start writing a paper on the experiment (in English). On Friday we will hopefully have a first draft. There is absolutely no guarantee that this will become publishable, but let's try.

You will receive supplementary material (staff on experimental economics in general) a few weeks before the workshop via snail mail.