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Summer term 2011


Dynamic Optimization (with Maple)


Creative Writing


Philosophy of Science

Lecturer:Prof. Dr. Matthias Göcke   Lecturer:Prof. Dr. Björn Frank   Lecturer:
Prof. Dr. Max Albert
JLU Gießen
   Place:University of Kassel   Place:
JLU Gießen
April 04-08, 2011   Duration:April 26-28, 2011   Duration:
April, 2011

Econometric Methods to
Estimate Causal Effects


Regionalization in the Globalized World  


Dynamic Macroeconomics 

Prof. Dr. Sascha Becker
Prof. Dr. Matthias Göcke   Lecturer:
Prof. Dr. Günter Beck
Place:University of Siegen
Lodz, Poland   Place:University of Siegen
Duration:28-31 March and
10-12 May, 2011
July 10-17, 2011   Duration:
25-27 July and
01-02 August, 2011

Law and Economics of
Intelllectual Property Right 


Macro-Finance Yield Curves   

Lecturer:Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Kerber   Lecturer:
Prof. Dr. Jagjit S. Chadha     
Place:University of Marburg   Place:
University of Marburg     
Duration:05-08 September, 2011   Duration:
05-08 September, 2011