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English Linguistics II

Englische Sprachwissenschaft II


Research Interests

My research focuses on core areas of linguistics, in particular phonetics and phonology,  as well as syntax and semantics from a variational perspective.  My interest in phonology is directed at regional English, in particular Scots and Cockney, and the development of non-standard features such as /h/-dropping and the glottal stop, while in syntax I work on non-standard grammar and grammaticalization. In semantics my main interest is in semantic change and the socio-cultural situations that condition it. My work includes studies on contact-induced variation and change in Middle and Modern English and on cognitive aspects of language variation, as well as on grammaticalization and  the mechanisms of phonological change.
Current research projects

am working on a book about the history of /h/ variation in the history of English, and also completing a pilot project that investigates the influence of regional German on the pronunciation of English among  German learners, as well as preparing a comparative database of learner essays for a study on structural transfer in the English of German native speakers and the German of English native speakers, which will be used to test the comparative influence of the first language in comparison to markedness. 
Research students

I am happy to supervise research students who wish to work in the following areas:

  • language variation from medieval to modern English
  • language contact and transfer
  • language change
  • comparative linguistics
  • language acquisition

Proposals for topics outside these areas may also be considered.

Current Research Students (with title of doctoral dissertation)

  • Nassma Alsarag, ‘The Linguistics of Commissives’ (in progress)
  • Golpar Bahar, ‘Iranian Learner English’ (in progress)
  • Khan-duc Kuttig, ‘Exploring the BAWE: Patterns in student academic writing’ (in progress)