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Welcome to the Press and Communications Office of University of Siegen.

We are pleased to provide an all-embracing view of the activities at University of Siegen. For detailed information about research, teaching, science and culture, deadlines and events, please consult our website, flyers and brochures. We provide regional, national and international media representatives with details of topical research results, exciting background stories, facts and figures around the university. We can also put you in contact with experts from different scientific areas. A range of publications are offered to complement our service.
In addition, we are responsible for marketing activities at University of Siegen and we organize central events.

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 (2nd December 2016) Ph. D. Research Group „Locating Media“ will be funded for five more years

The DFG provides a total of 3 Million Euros until October 2021. The Research Group was established on Oct. 1st 2012 and currently affords 20 researchers the possibility for additional scientific qualification and Ph. D. studies.


 (2nd December 2016) Memorandum of Understanding with University of Technology (DeKUT)

Chancellor Prof. Dr. Ndirangu Kioni and Vice-Chancellor Prof. Dr. Gerald K. Muthakia of the Dedan Kimathi University of Technology (DeKUT) in Nyeri, Kenia, visited the University of Siegen for the purpose of signing a Memorandum of Understanding.


 (2nd December 2016) One University – One Book

For one semester the University of Siegen would like to discuss the Grundgesetz within diverse creative formats. We need your help and your imagination!


(2nd November 2016) Statement of solidarity with universities and scholars

Autonomy and academic freedom under further pressure in Turkey.


 (26 September 2016) Focus on 2D materials

For two days, the University of Siegen was the national meeting place for experts from the field of innovative materials and technologies. Over 100 experts from academia, business and politics discussed the latest research findings.


 (26 August 2016) The help goes on

Following the end of the emergency shelter on Haardter Berg, Universität Siegen is continuing its efforts for refugees. The project "Refugees Helping Refugees" supports them in getting a college degree.

 Min Ji_Thumb

 (17 August 2016) Half way around the world for a doctorate

For two weeks, Min Ji Lee from South Korea "snooped around", looking at the work at the Chair of Anorganic Chemistry at the University of Siegen. Equipment and atmosphere convinced the 25-year-old to write her doctorate in Siegen.


 (25 July 2016) Protest against actions

Siegen University is following the actions by the Turkish government against academics and universities with great concern.


 (1 June 2016) For the University of Siegen in Beijing

Rong Xu heads up the China Office of the University of Siegen and is on hand to answer any questions students have about exchange programme opportunities and studying abroad in China and Siegen.


 (31 May 2016) Securing the knowledge of skilled workers

EUR 1.5 million for research project at University of Siegen. Preserving the skills of machine operators for future generations.


 (4 January 2016) Milestone in media research

The German Research Foundation (DFG) is setting up the Collaborative Research Centre “Collaborative Media” at the University of Siegen.


 (8 December 2015) University honoured by Federal Minister of the Interior

“UniKAT” project of University of Siegen receives national “Helfende Hand” sponsorship award for supporting voluntary work.


 (29 September 2015) New Protection Concepts for the North Sea Coast

Hydraulic engineers at the University of Siegen are working on early warning systems for storm surges as part of the “EarlyDike” project.


 (9 September 2015) New method developed for timely detection of impending material failure

International acclaim: doctoral candidate at the University of Siegen develops new method for detecting impact damage more quickly and more accurately.


(28 August 2015) Number of compound coastal flooding has increased significantly over the past century

“Nearly 40% of the US population resides in coastal counties and flooding in these usually low-lying, densely populated and highly developed regions can have wide-ranging social, economic and environmental consequences.” says Thomas Wahl.


 (29 July 2015) Human influence on sea level rise: natural variability stronger than previously thought

The role of natural variations in the rate of sea level rise over the past century is larger than previously recognized, says a study led by German scientists from the University of Siegen.


(20 June 2015) University of Siegen awarded largest amount of computing time

University comes out on top with allocation of capacities in European supercomputing association.


(20 May 2015) Following the fate of smallest particles

Researchers of the University of Siegen investigate in the project “FENOMENO” the impact of nanomaterials on the environment.



(6 May 2015) Technology is a step ahead

 Researchers from the University of Siegen concentrate on the next generation of driver assistance systems.


(5 February 2015) Solidarity – even at times of crisis? Favourable conditions and practical models for Europe

 The University of Siegen coordinates the TransSOL research project, Horizon 2020 Programme-EU funding worth 2.5 million Euros.

 A poster full of chemistry                   

(18 November 2014) Universität Siegen receives a campus with a castle

The whole campus, with two lecture halls and the Untere Schloss will be available for the summer semester of 2016 / The former district clinical centre in the upper city is already being used by Faculty III.

 A poster full of chemistry  

(12 May 2014) A poster full of chemistry

Doctoral student Stephanie Müller has won the "Best Poster Award" in Australia for her research work in which she explains complex processes on a poster.


(28 April 2014) The language course was the entry ticket

Three international alumni speak about arriving, staying and the best of their lives.




(26 March 2014) The university is growing closer together

Time for a brief review: for over a year, Prof. Dr. Friederike Welter has been both president of the IfM SME research institute in Bonn and professor of business at the University of Siegen.



(25 March 2014) An ideal environment for collaboration

Time for a brief review: for over a year, Prof. Dr. Friederike Welter has been both president of the IfM SME research institute in Bonn and professor of business at the University of Siegen.