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Funding Discovery Services

The University of Siegen provides its scientists with two funding databases for the purposeful search for funding opportunities and current tenders.

FIT for Science – Information Service (Forschung, Internationales, Transfer)

The e-mail service FIT is a newsletter service that offers you targeted, up-to-date information on research funding. With your e-mail address, you can register in FIT and create an individual user account: you define the scientific areas, types of funding, and sponsors that you want to receive information about. At the time of your choice, you will receive an e-mail with the latest funding information and tenders that are important to you.


ELFI – ELectronic Research Funding Information System

ELFI is a funding database for electronic research funding information in German-speaking countries, which collects information on the funding possibilities and processes it in a targeted manner. You will also find funding programs on more specific subject areas, including smaller foundation programs and funding opportunities for extraordinary projects.