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Research Focus Points

In knowledge based societies, research is an essential source of innovation and provides the basis for higher education. Present and future challenges demand research solutions, which exceed the interdisciplinary aspect and place additional focus on the societal perspective. In this sense, the internationally recognized, innovative research partnerships of the University of Siegen are based on trans- and multidisciplinarity.

Culture and Media Research


The future development of the comparative examination of individual media towards a praxeological change in current media science is at the center of current media research at the University of Siegen. More info here



Sensor Technology and Nano Research

Sensorik Bild

Multi-sensor systems and their applications are a long-standing research focus of the University of Siegen. The research deals with the development and application of chemical and biochemical sensors for life science and environmental technology, intelligent material and structural sensors, and innovative imaging techniques for automation and safety applications. More info here



Heterogeneity is social reality. The concept of inclusion strives to promote and practice a reduction of barriers and a culture of
comprehension and participation in education, housing and labor. The topic of inclusion is explored multi-perspectively as a potential area of the school of education • architecture • arts.
More info here

Small and Medium Sized Enterprises


Understanding and designing modern economic processes requires transdisciplinary and
praxeological research approaches, which are practiced in the SME profile by close
cooperation between business economics and computer science in economics, economic law
and economic didactics, as well as by cooperating with regional SMEs. More info here