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Dr. Nina Fenn
Büro: AR-SSC 114
Tel.: +49 (0)271 740-4244

Programm Forscher-Alumni

Information for hosts

You will find a checklist here, which summarises the most important steps for preparing for the arrival of your guest in Siegen.

You will also find information on the invitation letter below:

Letters of invitation

Guests from non-EU States usually require a written invitation from the host institution for them to recieve a visa, the invitation should contain the following information:

  • Personal data of the invited guest
  • Exact dates and duration of stay
  • Designation of the activity or the purpose of the stay and the status (visiting scientist) at the University of Siegen
  • Details of host (Name, Department, Faculty)
  • if information is available, information on the financing of the stay (for example, employment contract, scholarship)
  • if applicable, information on whether and, if so, what costs will be covered by the host
  • If applicable, information on further services during the stay: Will a workplace be provided?
  • EVidence that the guest will have adequate insurance coverage