Exchange Students (non-degree)

Registration for Admission and Enrolment

Your university nominates you until May 16 for winter terms or October 16 for spring terms. After that you are required to register online until June 15 for winter terms or November 15 for spring terms. Then you have to send the complete documents in hard copy and with seal to following adress:

Universität Siegen
International Student Affairs (ISA)
Nathalie Bourin-Budig
57068 Siegen
The following documents are required for your admission:
  • the completed registration form

  • a letter from your university or grant organisation confirming your status

  • three passport photos

  • three photocopies of passport or ID card

  • three photocopies of the European Health Insurance Card (for EU citizens only)

Please note that

... the International Student Affairs (ISA) will process your registration and send you an official notification of your admission (“Zulassungsbescheid”) in case your documents are complete.

Welcome Weeks

ISA offers Welcome Weeks for exchange students which usually start in September or March. The current schedule of the Welcome Weeks will be sent to the admitted applicants by e-mail.


Before being allowed to study at the University of Siegen, every student has to be enrolled. The enrolment will take place during the Welcome Weeks.