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Center for Sensor Systems (ZESS) ...making sensors work!


The theoretical background from all fields of engineering sciences, such as physics, mathematics, method knowledge, simulation, software technologies, electronics and mechanics  is the framework for the research and development work of the ZESS.

On this basis the interdisciplinary scientists address the complexity of current problems in the field of sensorics, sensor signal processing and application integration.
Thus, ZESS is not only the ideal partner for joint research and engineering projects, but also in the design and implementation of novel solutions and products.

Our strengths:

  • Sensor system development, signal processing and sensor application integration
  • "From Theory to Application (all in one institution), making sensors work ..."
  • Postgraduate training in structured programs
  • Studies (analysis, synthesis and verification)
  • F & E projects

For our Chinese Guests:

Full video is available here