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CoSeRa 2018

International Workshop on Compressed Sensing applied to Radar, Multimodal Sensing and Imaging. 10.-13. September 2018 Siegen, Germany

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Otmar Loffeld
Co-chair of CoSeRa 2018
Gitta Kutyniok
Co-chair of CoSeRa 2018
 Joachim Ender
Co-chair of CoSeRa 2018


The idea of the CoSeRa workshops is to join world-class scientists, engineers and educators engaged in the fields of Compressive Sensing
(CS) with a wide scope of applications to Radar, optical and nonoptical 2D/3D imaging, material analysis surface and subsurface inspection by
ultrasonic, microwave, TeraHertz as well as X-ray techniques.

CoSeRa covers the complete sensoric chain from novel type of sensors, hardware concepts over sensor signal processing to high level information extraction/mining concepts adopting the paradigms of  CS at every stage. It is the engineering embedding which turns abstract mathematical CS models with the least possible number of prior assumptions into valid engineering models with the maximum possible number of additional, but »non informative priors« in order to extract the highest possible information amount out of noisy data.

Upon this background, we believe that the combination of invited key-speeches and contributed talks will allow the formation of a thrilling technical program and setup the stage for extremely productive interaction and exchange between mathematicians, engineers and application domain people.

As any interaction and cooperation of experts can only grow within the scope of a holistic workshop concept respecting all levels and layers of communication, we are additionally taking highest efforts to not only setup up a scientifically and technically outstanding programme, but also to make its participants feel be taken extremely good care of, with a thrilling social and also accompanying persons programme.
Siegen and its surroundings offer an abundance of opportunities, beautiful landscape (Siegen is the greenest city of Northrhine Westfalia), forests lakes, wildlife Wisent resorts and last but not least, a world known brewery (»Krombacher«) where a visiting excursion will be part of the social programme.

With intensive and careful planning underway we anticipate a technically outstanding and most pleasant workshop. We look forward to seeing you in Siegen in September 2018.





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