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Zentrale Studienberatung
im SSC-Gebäude
Adolf-Reichwein-Str. 2
57076 Siegen

Telefonische Erreichbarkeit der studentischen Hotline:
0271 740-2712
Mo/Di/Do/Fr: 10 - 13 Uhr
Mi: 12 - 16 Uhr

Mail: info.studienberatung[at]

International Students
You find information about the admission procedure here: STARTING


Other Minor Subjects

• • • The following subjects are only available as minor subjects (Ergänzungsfächer; EF) • • •


(No admission required, no application required)

This minor subject deals with the aspects of European integration and the question of which role Europe can be ascribed in the world, as well as aspects of the diversity of European and extra-European societies and cultures. Attending seminars from different disciplines such as sociology, political sciences and history teaches the skill of describing political and social processes and structures on a European level, to examine and assess them, and to reflect on their references to the developments in the national states. The students also learn to comparatively analyse the systems and dynamics in the context of challenges of Europeanization and globalization processes. A stay abroad of 12 weeks serves to link the theoretical knowledge with practical experience. The stay can be designed in a variety of manners (e.g. semester abroad, internship abroad, summer schools, excursions) and can be combined freely.


(Limited admission, application required)

This minor subject teaches knowledge based on social-sciences on the relationship between media and society, so that the role of media and communication in social processes can be examined. The offer is coordinated by the disciplines of social sciences, media studies and economics. Students learn about different perspectives while at the same time acquiring subject-relevant knowledge for their later professions. The courses teach knowledge on the interactions between media change and social and political change processes. This develops the skill of appropriately describing, analysing and assessing the roles of different media in political and social processes.


(Limited admission, application required)

The curriculums comprise essential elements and principles of business administration, with a focus on the experience object of media companies and media-law elements and principles. The students are to acquire a solid basis for recognising, analysing and structuring business-administration tasks that are connected to the specific conditions of media products or services.

The curriculums offer an overview of the most important subjects of media business administration and media management; they offer specialization options. The students will be able to move securely in business-administration thought structures and in the specialist terminology; they will receive a media-management basic education as is necessary for practical work in their chosen professions. Elements and principles of founding management are taught in the scope of one of the lectures in order to provide incentives for existence and company founding as professional options. Essential media-law curriculums in the area of media constitution law and the law on word and image reporting as well as copyright law are added to this for professional practice.


(No admission required, no application required)

This minor subject teaches knowledge on the interrelations of cause and effect of political decisions in the social area. It specifically deals with the relationship between political systems and social security. The interrelations between economic order, social policy, organization and social management of social services is dealt with as well. The acquired knowledge of historical, normative and institutional elements and principles of social security in Germany and other countries are part of the subject-relevant knowledge for the students' later professions. Additionally, they learn to analyse the conflicts in the design of social policy and to access the consequences of specific security systems for the state, economy and individuals.


(No admission required, no application required)

Economics in particular offers exciting theories that open up a new perspective of current happenings in the world. Language, culture and media can be put in a new context; this becomes important at the latest when looking for a matching job. No matter if in publishing houses, in public relations, in the media or in cultural facilities – economic interrelations are ever-present in professional everyday work. The minor subject of economy ideally provides the basic knowledge for this. Every student, no matter how small the prior knowledge, will be given insights into the different partial areas of economy, such as marketing, economic policy or HR management, in compact introductory lectures. The minor subject offers a look beyond the rim of the subject's teacup.