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Digital Education

In this portal, the Center for the Advancement of University Teaching (ZFH), the Center for Information and Media Technologies (ZIMT) and the University Library (UB) have compiled information, support, advice and further education possibilities on how to convert your in-classroom teaching into online formats.

For contacting the team "Digital Education" (Digitale Lehre) you may refer to:

This page is dynamically structured and is constantly being added to and updated.

Technical Basics

In order to use the various platforms and tools presented on the following pages to support your online courses it is necessary to register in advance at the systems as follows.

  • E-learning system moodle
    In order to create courses on the e-learning platform moodle you must apply for your “creating and editing rights” via the user account management online. [more ...]

  • CampusCloud storage sciebo
    A one-time registration is required for the free of charge usage of the sciebo cloud storage for research and teaching. [more ...]

  • Classroom response system ARSnova
    To access ARSnova in your course, you only need the login data of your ZIMT account, which you use for university e-mail, access to Moodle etc. (university user ID with the corresponding password).
    [more ...]

  • unisono
    The user guide "Rollen Lehrperson und Veranstaltungsadministrator/in - Digitale Lehre" (i.e. "Roles of Teacher and Event Administrator at Digital Education") describes the tabs of course editing "Links" (to the digital teaching offers of other systems) and "Documents" (to provide small media files, e.g. documents, presentations, etc.) as well as the possibility to contact the course participants via e-mail from within the system unisono.
    [more ...]