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Frequently Asked Questions / F.A.Q.

How should I contact my colleagues or students to discuss study or work-related topics with them?

The University of Siegen provides various official communication channels which can be used for confidential correspondence. These include work or student e-mail addresses, service telephones as well as centrally installed applications and services which serve to provide information and learning content (e.g. Sciebo, Moodle or the dfn network). The responsible departments (Center for Information and Media Technology, Stabsstelle Datenschutz, Stabsstelle Informationssicherheit) will be glad to help you with the selection and setup of the corresponding applications.The disclosure of official information via social media channels violates both European basic data protection regulations and the University of Siegen’s "Directive on the Use of Meeting Systems and Cloud Services" and is therefore not permitted.

May I take pictures of my employees or students?

First of all: It is part of every person's right of self-determination to decide whether photographs or film recordings may be taken of them which could possibly be used against them in future. Pictures taken by students or lecturers for public placement on platforms of the University of Siegen do not always require the written consent of all persons depicted, as it is often a matter of carrying out a task of the university that is justified in the public interest (Art. 6 para. 1 lit. e), but those concerned must nevertheless be informed of circumstances in which photographs may be taken of you. If someone has a legitimate request that no photographs are to be taken of him/her, then there are various possibilities (such as distributing red ribbons etc.) to identify the relevant persons and to delete any photographs containing that person during the subsequent photo selection process. If you are an employee of the University of Siegen, we urge you to obtain the consent of the persons concerned if you wish to take photographs for private purposes or for publication at your home university. Although it is not prohibited, it should be a matter of courtesy and any refusal to give consent should be accepted.

Am I allowed to record courses and make them available to the public?

The recording of teaching and discussions in the course (sound or video recordings) for private or public purposes is not permitted. If necessary, such a recording may be permitted if the consent of all persons concerned, including teaching staff, has been obtained. All participants in the course must be able to sit in an area outside the area covered by the video camera. This area should be clearly marked. It is safest if there is only one camera that captures the teacher. Participants should be made aware that speaking is equivalent to consenting to having their voice recorded in the corresponding recording. Another possibility would be for someone to request that the recording be stopped if the person speaking does not wish to feature in the recording. Participants should nevertheless be informed in advance of the recorded lecture and the possibility of being recorded during this lecture in accordance with data protection laws.

How do I send students grades from examinations in accordance with data protection laws?

Grades are sensitive information that may not be posted on a notice board (even in a non-public area) or published on the Internet. Only the person concerned may be informed of the grade.