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The "MINT-Pro²Digi" project is an extracurricular learning opportunity to promote the interests of learners from different types of schools. The basic idea of the project is to give young people the opportunity to work on substantial and authentic mathematical problems from companies (e.g. modeling, optimization, big data, product design, etc.) in project teams, solving the problem together. The companies and the employees responsible for the project work closely with experienced student teachers, teachers and scientific staff to introduce the problems in a way that is appropriate for the target group, thus enabling interested young people to experience directly how they can apply their school knowledge in the working world.



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Kathrin Holten (holten@mathematik.uni-siegen.de)


Extension of the application deadline:

Application for the 2nd cycle still possible until 04.10.2021

After a successful first cycle of the MINT-Pro²Digi project with 7 companies in the region, 4 schools as solver hubs and 20 students, we will start the second cycle in October 2021 with new, exciting mathematical-technical problems and additional solver hubs and would like to recruit new students from grades 7 - Q1! Simply send a short letter of motivation by mail or e-mail to Jenny Knöppel (knoeppel@mathematik.uni-siegen.de) until 04.10.2021

You can find more information in the corresponding press release: Pressemitteilung der Universität

We are looking forward to your applications!


Opening event (09.02.2021)

The MINT-Pro²Digi project was launched at a virtual opening event on 09.02.2021 together with the sponsors (zdi.nrw, education offices of the districts Olpe and Siegen-Wittgenstein), companies of the region (Albrecht Bäumer GmbH & Co. KG, dicomputer GmbH, Enders Heizung Sanitär GmbH & Co. KG, G-TEC Ingenieure GmbH, Hees Bürowelt, Elektro Kemper, Metallbau Johann Hunold GmbH & Co. KG), employees of the University of Siegen and 21 students from differrent schools (Hanseschule Attendorn, Gymnasium Maria Königin Lennestadt, Sekundarschule Olpe, städt. Gymnasium Olpe and St.-Ursula-Gymnasium Attendorn).


Due to the current pandemic situation, further meetings and work of the solver teams will take place in virtual solver hubs.


We are looking forward to our joint project and the related problem solving processes with all students in cooperation with the companies!


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