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FoKoS - The Research Centre “Shaping the future”

FoKoS_Unendlichket2The Research Centre of the University of Siegen “Shaping the future” is based on a joint initiative of the University of Siegen, the state of North Rhine-Westphalia and the Stiftung Zukunft der Sparkasse Siegen (Foundation of the Future of the Sparkasse Siegen). It is the aim of the Centre to promote interdisciplinary research at the University of Siegen on sustainability and shaping the future and to expand its international network. It is our belief that to form a humane and sustainable future requires going beyond the boundaries of conventional disciplines.

Under the heading “Shaping the future”, emphasis is put on the ethical task of ensuring the long-term sustainability and shaping a humane future, thereby creating a future worth living. Preserving the sustainability presupposes retaining the natural and created bases of existence, while at the same time, due to the increasing global interconnection, the susceptibility of mankind to natural and man-made environmental, technological and safety hazards rises. In a world marked by increasing decentralization and heterogeneity, this means not only the adjustment to rapid change processes, but also active social, political, economic and technical innovation.

Since many of the challenges involve transnational problems and the measures which individual states take affect other states, the research field “Global Governance” is concerned with the possibilities of an internationally agreed and coordinated reaction of the community of states, since only an institutional integration of all the important actors can make the necessary global rules and solutions possible.

Education, social security and the integration of all social groups are the prerequisites of sustainability. Therefore the research field “Mobility and Diversity” dedicates itself to the investigation of new education and work models, the adaptation to demographic change, the inclusion of those groups which have so far not been integrated, as well as the immigration of economically active people from other regions of the world.

In view of rapid global and demographic change, there is a need for extensive adjustments to these change processes. The research field “Innovation and Development” is concerned with the challenges of securing the economic, political and social innovative ability in Germany and Europe.

Ensuring a humane future also requires being able to control the hazards of environment, technology and security. The research focus “Civil Security” deals not only with the ethical dilemma of the limits of feasibility but also the psychological, communicative and legal aspects of the use and application of technology.

The region of Siegen is the perfect example for the application of these research fields, since on the one hand it faces substantial regional changes, while at the same time is very internationally oriented and is thus particularly affected by international developments. The Research Centre therefore also looks at the regional effect of global changes and examines the adjustments necessary for innovation and reform on a regional level. For this reason the Research Centre also sees itself as a research partner for the region and beyond. It is involved in the current debates on the above-mentioned topics and with its expertise is there to give both input and impulse.