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Neu erschienen: LGBT and Cancer in the Global Context

Wir möchten auf den im August 2022 neu erschienenen Sammelband hinweisen: LGBT and Cancer in the Global Context, Ulrike Boehmer / Gabriele Dennert (Eds.) Springer, 2022

Rezensionsexemplare sind beim Verlag erhältlich.

About this Book


This book addresses LGBT populations’ cancer burden across countries that range from high- to low-income countries to support efforts in diverse countries that are working towards reducing LGBT populations’ cancer burden. It documents place-specific challenges that impede progress towards reducing the LGBT cancer burden as well as critically assesses the variation in cancer control efforts that target LGBT populations and cancer to support progress at a global scale. This book includes six sections that cover the six WHO regions, with each chapter written by an author from the specific region s/he is covering. Each chapter makes use of a template that contextualizes the region, local data collection/availability, risk factors, cancer prevention, detection, diagnosis, treatment, and survivorship.


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