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Research-oriented equality standards of the German Research Foundation

The German Research Foundation (DFG) adopted research-oriented equality standards in 2008. The member universities are obliged to report regularly the degree of implementation of these standards. For the implementation of the standards, the DFG provided a “tool-box” with practical examples on its website.

After evaluation of the interim report in 2011, the university of Siegen was classified in stage 4, which is the highest stage of implementation of gender equality standards. So, the university of Siegen became one of the 20 most successful universities throughout Germany; the committee received a total of 68 reports of member universities. In the jury’s explanation, the university was attested to have a convincing over-all strategy for gender equality and a good anchoring of equality on administration and faculty level. The DFG highlighted particularly the range of the previously implemented equality policies, like the amount of funding invested for gender equality, the childcare services, the honour of the university with the TOTAL E-QUALITY award and the integration of research, e.g. through the university’s own centre for gender studies (Gestu_S).  

After evaluation of the final reports in July 2013, the university of Siegen was grouped back in stage 3 of implementation of equality standards oriented on research.  Thus, it is not currently  classified in the highest stage anymore, because of the too low development of women’s proportion employed in all academic career stages. They remain behind the numbers established in 2011 with the DFG. However, the concept of equality of the university of Siegen was evaluated extremely positive.

Here you will find comprehensive information about the research-oriented equality standards, the single institutions’ reports and the tool-box: