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International Students

Eva Grottschreiber

Contact by email
AR-SSC 119

Incoming Students: Europe & Worldwide

Alicia Platt

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AR-SSC 120

Degree Students: Orientation Days

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 Dear students,

Welcome to the University of Siegen - we are delighted to have you join us (soon)!
Here you will find further information about starting your studies in Siegen. The best thing to do is to attend our Orientation Days on campus. The events are very important for a good start of your studies!!

If you miss the events, you will find a lot of information summarized here as well as the presentations on the classroom events afterwards.

Digital Meetings: Winter semester 2023/24

Below you find the dates and times for our online meetings:
Get to know us and your fellow students, exchange ideas and ask us your questions.

Time (CEST)
Link / Presentation  
1 p.m. Preparation for your arrival Mixed Presentation
04.10.2023   First steps in Siegen (For students who cannot participate
in the Orientation Days)
Mixed Presentation  

All digital events can bei participated without registration. The link will be posted shortly before the event.
PLEASE NOTE: After your arrival in Siegen you have to register at the city hall of the city. You need the registration for example, to open a bank account. They might have less free appointments during the semester start. Therefore, please book an appointment before your arrival: Stadt Siegen - Bürgerdienste/ (For more information see "First Steps").

Winter semester 2023/2024

Digital_engThe winter semester is planned entirely with face-to-face teaching. If you are not able to arrive on time because you are still waiting for your visa, please contact the coordinator of your study program and clarify if a later arrival is possible. It might be better to postpone your enrollment as you need to proof a certain amount of credit points each semester. 
 Please click on the picture to download the presentation. 


You find information on registration and enrollment here. If you have any questions, please contact the department STARTING.


First Steps in Siegen 

 Frosch_eng This presentation includes information on your first steps after arrival, such as:
» Health Insurance Coverage / other Insurance Policies 
» Registration 
» USiCars
» Registration at the City Office and opening of a bank account (current information here) 

For further information see also our homepage here.
Additional introductory events and orientation programs for all students are listed

Please click on the picture to download the presentation. 

Accommodation in Siegen 

Haus_eng This presentation is all about accommodation and includes information for students who are still looking for an accommodation as well as for students who have already found a place to live:

» Search for Accommodation  
» Rent
» Rental Agreement
» Notice Period
» Insurance Policies
» Radio and TV License Fee
» Rules and Regulations
» Waste Disposal
» Support

Click here for further information.  

Please click on the picture to download the presentation. 

Visa and Residence Title 

Pass_engKnowing the requirements for a residence title is very important! Check the presentation and read the information carefully. 

If you are facing questions or problems, contact the department International Student Affairs.
Additional information are provided on our
Residence Title website. 

Please click on the picture to download the presentation. 

Technical Services and Support 

Technik_engThe university provides various technical and media services to help you document, plan and complete your studies: 

» Student Email
» WiFi
» moodle
» sciebo
» University Library
» Additional Offers

Please click on the picture to download the presentation. 


unisono_engunisono is the campus management system of the University of Siegen and includes a number of different functions: 

» Course Catalogue
» Course Registration 
» Exam Registration
» Print Enrolment Certificate
» Change Address and Personal Information
» Search for Staff 

Further information and instuctions are provided in the unisono tutorial


Moodle_engMoodle is the learning management system of the University of Siegen, which makes it possible to support courses in a web-based way, i.e. virtual course rooms can be used to accompany classroom teaching. You can log in to Moodle with the login data of the ZIMT (also for your mail account) and search for your courses there.  Not all courses can be found on Moodle.

Please click on the picture to download the presentation. 

Introduction to the German University System

Student_engThe German uni system and learning experience might differ from your experience at your former university or school abroad. Learn more about what is required and expected from students in Germany: 
» Structure of Studies
» Types of Courses
» Achievements 
» Communication

Please click on the picture to download the presentation. 

German Language Courses

The Language Center offers you  to improve your German language skills as well as learn and train other languages. Besides language courses, there are language tandems, language cafés and much more. 

A German course is definitely advisable, whether you are studying in English or in German. There are German courses at every level. 

If you are studying in German and have already passed the DSH or TestDaF, you should still continue to work on your language skills, for example in the course "Deutsch nach DSH/TestDaF" or in courses such as scientific writing or similar. 

All courses of the Language Center can be found under unisono -> Additional offers -> Veranstaltungen des Sprachenzentrums.

Campus Tour

The University of Siegen has a number of small campuses which sometimes make it difficult to find the right building or room. Here you get the campus maps for the biggest campuses as well as the bus connections:

» Adolf-Reichwein-Straße (AR)
» Hölderlinstraße (H)
» Paul-Bonatz (PB)
» Unteres Schloss (US)
» Emmy-Noether-Campus (ENC)

Have a visit of our campuses here

Service Units of the University of Siegen 

Support_engStudying at a university can be challenging, especially for international students. There are a number of service units and contacts who will provide information and support whenever you are facing problems or having concerns. Do not hestitate to contact us, we are always here to help! 

» Service Units for International Issues
» Student Counseling 
» University Library 
» Equal Opportunity Office
» Parent and Family Services
» Psychological Counseling
» AStA
» Student Services Organisation Studierendenwerk
» Language Centre Sprachenzentrum
» House of Young Talents
» University Organisation

Please click on the picture to download the presentation. 


SSCThe Deparment of International Student Affairs and the Department STARTING provide help and guidance. If you have any questions, please make an appointment. You find us in the Student Service Center (SSC) on Adolf Reichwein Campus.


Sparschwein_engBudgeting is important to keep your finances under control and avoid financial hardship at the end of your studies. Here you find additional information on finances.

Please click on the picture to download the presentation. 

University Services and Groups

Freunde_engMake the most of your time in Siegen, join a student group, sign up for activities and meet fellow students. It is much easier to complete your studies successfully if you are a part of the community.

Learn more about services and groups waiting for you on and off campus: 
» Erasmus Student Network
» Stammtisch
» Tandem Programs
» Uni Sports
» Religious Groups 
» Music
» Media
» Language Courses 
» Career
» etc.

You find additional information on our Student Groups website


Freizeit_engOff campus there is a lot to do for leisure. Various activities allow you to meet new people and experience the city and region together or to enjoy some quiet time all by yourself.  
» Sports
» Associations and Societies
» Culture and Social Activities 
» Region

Additional information are provided here

You can also still register for participation in the project Model United Nations (SiegMUN).


Siegen_Bild Join us for Siegen City Tour, experience your new environment and feel at home right from the start. 


Corona-Student_BildCheck ISA COVID-19 Infos and University of Siegen COVID-19 Updates for further information and current regulations. 

Further Tips / Info 

InfoPrepare for your studies in Germany and sign up for the online course  "How to study in Germany" free of charge.

Also the DAAD guide provides you a lot of useful information.

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International Students

Eva Grottschreiber

Contact by email
AR-SSC 119

Incoming Students: Europe & Worldwide

Alicia Platt

Contact by email
AR-SSC 120