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Coordination NRWege
Christine Knie
Office: AR-SSC 126
Phone: +49 271 740-3819

NRWege ins Studium



As part of the program NRWege ins Studium - Integration of Refugees at Universities in North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW), the University of Siegen will grant at least 4 scholarships for studies and 5 scholarships for theses per year from 2020 onwards. The scholarships for studies will be awarded for a period of up to one year (12 months), a renewed application for a further year (12 months) is possible. Scholarships for theses are usually granted for up to 6 months, but can be extended for another 6 months with a renewed application. Scholarship holders receive a monthly installment of up to 861.00 EUR for studies and a monthly installment of up to 400.00 EUR for theses. A commission will decide on the funding.

Please refer to the scholarship guidelines for the general regulations as well as the rules for combining and crediting scholarships with other grants (in German only). 


Current Documents for Submission and Deadline

Applications for scholarships for studies can only be considered if you submit a complete application form with the following documents:

  1. Signed NRWege Scholarship application form (German or English),
  2. Letter of Motivation, 
  3. Current CV, 
  4. Overview of current grades/ credits (unisono print-out),
  5. Current certificate of enrolment,
  6. Reference letter of a university professor of the University of Siegen,
  7. Language certificates, in the language of the degree program (e.g. DSH),
  8. Proof of the Refugees status (e.g. copy of the residence permit, according to § 25 AufenthH – German Residence Law),
  9. If applicable, proof of other forms of funding or statement of monthly income,
  10. Other documents (internship certificates, other certificates, voluntary work etc.)

For thesis scholarships, please also include the following:

  • Registration of the topic of your thesis, or
  • Confirmation of a university professor that the Bachelor’s or Master’s thesis will be completed within one semester.

Please send the application to the International Office, Department of International Student Affairs (ISA). Only complete applications will be included in the selection process. The application deadline is March 14th, 2021.