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Green Travel

Green travel from Winter Semester 2022/23 on

The new Erasmus+ program generation includes aspects of sustainability, climate change and environmental protection and takes into account the ecological footprint created by participating students and doctoral candidates when travelling abroad.

The program now provides financial incentives for sustainable transport to raise awareness, to increase the number of studies and internships abroad with more environmentally friendly means of transport, and to reduce the environmental footprint of the Erasmus+ program.

Erasmus+ "Green Travel"
For stays abroad from winter semester 2022/23 on, Erasmus+ "Green Travel" includes a financial incentive of 50 EUR for participants who travel sustainably and use means of transport with low-emission, such as bus, train, or carpooling for the majority of the trip.

Additionally, funding for extra travel days is available as part of individual support for sustainable travel. Participants who require extended time for travel due to the use of sustainable transportation are eligible to apply for up to 4 additional days of funding under the Individual Support for Sustainable Travel.

Required Application and Documentation 
Participants need to complete and sign the Erasmus+ "Green Travel" Declaration on Honor. A scanned copy of the document must be submitted by e-mail before departure.
All travel documents proving the use of means of transport with low emission for the majority of the trip must be retained for random checks of program documents.  

Green travel until Summer Semester 2022

What is funded?
The International Student Affairs department at the University of Siegen would like to contribute to reducing the ecological footprint of student stays abroad. Therefore, from now on, we will cover part of the travel costs for students travelling by train to their studies abroad or traineeship abroad and back home again!

For stays abroad taking place until (and including) summer semester 2022, we will reimburse you for the cost of your train ticket to the place of your studies abroad or traineeship abroad and back to Germany.

Please contact us by email before booking your ticket!

» Only 2nd class tickets and connections from Germany to the place of studies or traineeship and back.

» Reimbursement up to a maximum of 185 euros per journey (return journey) at the beginning or end of your stay.

» Reimbursement only applies to train tickets, not to long-distance bus journeys!

Costs for overnight stays are not covered.

How do I organise my trip?
That depends on the destination country of your studies or traineeship:

»Neighbouring countries of Germany: Fixed travel booking e.g. with Deutsche Bahn, most direct connection from Germany to destination or back.
If a continuous journey is unreasonable in terms of time: up to 2 overnight stays possible per route.
Example: journey from Siegen to Warsaw, possibly one overnight stay in Berlin.

» Other countries: Flexible travel booking, e.g. with the Interrail Global Pass 4 days, connection from Germany to the destination or back.
With the Interrail Global Pass 4 days, up to 3 overnight stays per route are possible.
Example: journey from Siegen to Palermo, possibly two overnight stays in Basel and Rome.

How do I receive the funding?
Your ticket will be refunded to your bank account after the end of the trip.

» After the end of your journey, send us your original ticket (e.g. by post) as well as proof of payment (invoice, receipt, etc.)

» Also send a proof of connection or travel plan or itinerary

» Attention! The original documents remain with us, please make copies of your documents beforehand for safety reasons

Exception: For students 28+ we will cover the costs of the Interrail Global Pass 4 days 2nd class in the amount of 246 Euros.