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Outgoing Students: Europe

Madita Steffens

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AR-SSC 123

Disability and Chronic Illness


Erasmus+ participants with a degree of disability (GdB ≥ 20) or chronic illness are eligible to apply for individual support.  

Grant Rate and Top-Up

Undergraduate and graduate students with disability or chronic illness receive the respective monthly grant rate (see country groups for Erasmus+ Studies or Erasmus+ Traineeships) and a monthly top-up of 250 Euro.

Apply for Monthly Top-up

When applying for an Erasmus+ stay abroad, please indicate in the online form that you are eligible to apply for individual support (Top-up for Fewer Opportunities).

Submit a copy of your disability certificate or a medical certificate on the health restrictions with an equivalent indication of the GdB. No further proof will be requested. Please do not disclose any diagnoses.

Plan Your Stay

The following information and service centres offer advice on stays abroad with health-related restrictions:


Apply for Funding of Real Costs 

Students and staff with a degree of disability of ≥20 or a chronic illness can submit an independent, detailed application for individual support for additional costs, e.g. for help and supervision, special teaching materials, etc. You find an application form for the calculation of additional costs here.


  • The grant is calculated on the basis of the additional costs incurred by the stay abroad.
  • An application can only be submitted if the special needs support as a lump sum is exceeded (see above).
  • The maximum grant from Erasmus+ funds per semester is EUR 15,000. 

  • The application must include a copy of the disability certificate or a medical certificate stating the GdB, as well as a cost estimate.
  • The application must be submitted via the Department International Student Affairs to the EU Commission, at the lastest two months before the beginning of the stay abroad.
  • Original receipts (e.g. rental contracts, contracts for work and services with supervisory staff) must be kept by the Department International Student Affairs for verification purposes.