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Data Protection Information for Online meetings, Telephone/Video conferences and Webinars via "Zoom" by the EnTrust Project at the University of Siegen

In the following, we would like to inform you about processing of personal data in connection with the use of the video conference system “Zoom”.

Purpose of the processing
We use “Zoom” to conduct telephone conferences, video conferences, online meetings and/or webinars (hereinafter: "online meetings").

Responsible legal person
The University of Siegen is responsible for data processing directly related to the holding of "online meetings".

Which data is processed?
When using “Zoom”, different types of data are processed. The scope of the data also depends on the information you provide before or during participation in an "online meeting".

The following personal data are subject to processing:

User details: first name, last name, telephone (optional), e-mail address, password (if "Single-Sign-On" is not used), profile picture (optional), Department (optional)
Meeting metadata: Topic, description (optional), participant IP addresses, equipment/hardware information
For recordings (optional): MP4 file of all video, audio and presentation recordings, M4A file of all audio recordings, text file of online meeting chat.
When dialling in by phone: Information on incoming and outgoing phone number, country name, start and end time. If necessary, further connection data such as the IP address of the device can be saved.
Text, audio and video data: You may be able to use the chat, question or survey functions in an "online meeting". To this extent, the text entries you make are processed in order to display and, if necessary, log them in the "online meeting". In order to enable the display of video and the playback of audio, the data from the microphone of your terminal device and from any video camera of the terminal device will be processed for the duration of the meeting. You can switch off or mute the camera or microphone yourself at any time using the applications.

In order to participate in an "online meeting" or to enter the "meeting room", you must at least provide information about your name.

Scope of Processing
We use “Zoom” to conduct "online meetings”. If we wish to record "online meetings", we will inform you of this transparently in advance and - if necessary - ask for your consent. The fact of the recording will also be displayed in the app.
If it is necessary for recording the results of an online meeting, we will log the chat content. However, this will usually not be the case.

In the case of a web-based seminar (webinar), we may also process the questions asked by the webinar participants for the purposes of recording and follow-up of webinars.

Automated decision making in the sense of Art. 22 GDPR is not used.

Legal basis of data processing
As far as personal data of members of the University of Siegen are processed, §18 DSG NRW as well as §3 HG NRW are the legal basis of data processing.

Recipients / passing on of data
Personal data processed in connection with participation in "online meetings" are generally not passed on to third parties, unless they are specifically intended to be passed on. Please note that the contents of online meetings and personal meetings are often used to communicate information with third parties and are therefore intended for further transmission.
Further recipients: The provider of "Zoom” necessarily obtains knowledge of the above-mentioned data, insofar as this is provided for in the context of our contract processing agreement with "Zoom”.

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