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Main research interests

IT in the field of humanities

Due to modern IT, especially due to the establishment of the WWW, the scientific work techniques have undergone a fundamental change. Since that time it has become a genuine objective, also of historical science, to construct this process and in addition to reflect upon it critically. Thereby, amongst other things, the focus lies on integrating the systems and techniques developed by computer sciences into historical research and teaching processes. For me, in this context, the application of Content-Management-Systems and the development of more complex Open-Source products plays an important role.

See amongst other things:
article on the conception of local and regional historical initiatives in the WWW
Cooperation project between the Faculty 1 and the Confederation of German Trade Unions (DGB) of the region Siegen Wittgenstein - regional historical school project on the change of technology in the course of the digital revolution
web site about the controversial expert on constitutional law Carl Schmitt

Cultural history and the history of the media

The research of culture as a "meaningful part of the meaningless infinity of world affairs" (Weber) and as regulator of social practice is becoming more important in modern historical science. Thereby the main focus lies on different conceptions, the concept of generations acts as an anchor point from which potentials and interests, based on historical experience, can be studied and analysed. 


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