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Locating Media will be funded for 4,5 more years and advertises a post-doc vacancy

The German Research foundation has dediced to fund the Graduate School Locating Media  for 4.5 more years. Locating Media focuses on studying media 'in motion' and 'in situ' and advances interdisciplinary methodologies. In the second round of funding it aims to bring together ethnographic methods with mobile and digital research methods.

The German Research Foundation (DFG) Graduate School provides an international environment for inventive and interdisciplinary media research by offering an intensive training programme, joint events with collaboration partners, training in relevant ethnographic, digital and mobile methods and the possibility of field research and research abroad. The research program will be realised in close collaboration with international partners and supporters, such as the Digital Ethnography Research Centre in Melbourne (RMIT), the Digital Methods Initiative (University of Amsterdam), the Centre for Interdisciplinary Methodologies (Warwick University), Centre for Science Studies and Mobilities Lab at Lancaster University and other collaborators. During the second funding period, Locating Media will be run jointly by Tristan Thielmann and Carolin Gerlitz.

Therefore we are looking for a post-doc who would like to work with us for at least 3 years. The full time position contains very little teachings and is aimed at media scholars from a variety of disciplines, ideally with an affinity to method.

The job call be be found here

The application deadline is January 5 2017.



SFB "Media of Cooperation" Annual Conference

From Dec 8-10 2016 the first annual conference of the collaborative research centre "Media of Cooperation" will take place under the title Infrastructures of Publics - Publics of Infrastructures.

During the conference, Carolin Gerlitz and Fernando van der Vlist will present recent work on app ecologies conducted together with Anne Helmond and Esther Weltevrede during the talk "Moving Data - On the dis/continuity of form and value in app ecologies" and as poster during the poster exhibition.


App ecologies: Mapping apps and their support networks 

The poser can be dowloaded in high resolution  here: 


Collecting, Sorting, Ordering.

Practices of Listing in Popular Culture.

Conference, 27-28 Oct 2016, University of Siegen



Artur-Woll-Haus (AE), University of Siegen, Am Eichenhang 50, 57076 Siegen

Lists are known as a medium of order which contributes significantly to the ways in which we organise and classify knowledge. In online and social media, lists are currently experiencing a remarking proliferation. Digital cultures have brought about “new” types of lists, which are data intensive, algorithmic and dynamic, but also share with significant formal and functional similarities with lists prevalent in bureaucratic organizations, popular culture or literature. The ubiquity of lists and their proliferating functions in everyday life asks researchers to revisit what lists are, both empirically and conceptually, to explore what differentiates them from tables, catalogues or databases, but also to account for what lists do and what we do we with them. The objective of the conference is to approach lists from an interdisciplinary perspective as performative, epistemological processes and to explore how their minimalist form can enable proliferating functionalities.


Elena Esposito (Università di Modena e Reggio Emilia, Italy)

Celia Lury (CIM, Warwick University, UK)

Sabine Mainberger (Literature Studies, Bonn University, Germany) 

Andrea Mennicken (Accounting, The London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), UK)

Adrian Mackenzie (Sociology, Lancaster University, UK)

Urs Stäheli (Sociology, Universität Hamburg, Germany)

Gerd Stumme  (Computer Science, Kassel University, Germany)

Philip Ullmann (Mathematics, Frankfurt am Main University, Germany)

Contact and Registration

Johannes Paßmann: Johannes.Passmann@uni-siegen.de

(2016) “Moving Data – On the dis/continuity of form and value in app ecologies” Presentation at Abstract Living in Topological Abstraction Conference, London, 12-13 Dec.

(2016) “App ecologies: Mapping apps and their support networks” Presentation with Anne Helmond, Fernando van der Vlist and Esther Weltevrede at the AoIR conference, Berlin, 7 October.

(2016) “Tracker Tracker Workshop” at AoIR pre-conference workshop Digital Methods in Internet Research: A Sampling Menu, Berlin, 5 October.

(2016) “Was zählt und wer zählt? Kritische Datenpraktiken von Apps und Plattformen” Presentation at the Jahrestagung der Gesellschaft für Medienwissenschaft, Berlin, 29 September.

(2016) “Ways of Studying, Using and Intervening in Data Infrastructures” Lecture with Liliana Bounegru and Jonathan Gray at the Media Lab Paris, Sciences Po, 19 April.

(2016) “Situating Digital Methods” Lecture series on Medien zeigen. Wie? Mit wem? Wohin?, University of Siegen, 9 February.

(2016) “Negotiating Methodological Bias. A Case for Interface Methods” Provocation at the Algorithmic Power and Accountability in Black Box Platforms event, London School of Economics, 25 January.

(2016) “Towards a Literacy for Data Infrastructures” Presentation with Jonathan Gray and Liliana Bonegru at the Digital Methods Mini-Conference 2016, 14 January.

(2016) Keynote: “The Numbering Life of Platforms. Organising Value and Relations in Social Media” lecture with Natalis Sanchez Querubin at the Digital Methods Winter School 2016, 11 January.

(2015) “Was machen Listen?” Presentation at lecture series on Popular Cultures, University of Siegen, 25 November.

(2015) “Sensor Apps and Mobile Interface Methods: Tracing Digital Navigation” Presentation at Distributed Sensing workshop, University of Siegen, 9 November.

(2015) “The Numbering Politics of Interfaces”. Presentation at the Interface conference, Warwick University, 24 June.

(2015) “What counts in Social Media Research?”. Presentation at the Politics of Big Data Conference, Kings College London, 8 May.

(2015) “Digital Methods, Ready Made Data vs. Data Practices”. Presentation at the Practice Turn in Computing Workshop, University of Siegen. 30 April.

(2015) “A Critique of Social Media Metrics”. Presentation at the Zeppelin University, 27 April.

(2015) Keynote response and moderation “Work”. Transmediale Capture All, Berlin, 29 January.

(2015) “Becoming Data-Point” presentation at Transmediale Capture All, Berlin, 30 January.

(2015) Keynote: “Metrics Critique” Digital Methods Winter School, Amsterdam, 12 January.

(2014) “Tweets are not created Equal” Presentation at IR15, Association of Internet Researcher’s Conference, Daegu, Korea, October 23.

(2014) “Techniques of Intersection. The mediation of metrics in digital research” Presentation at EASST, Torun, Poland, 17 September.

(2014) “Social Media and the Transformation of Value, Values & Subjectivity” Panel organisation together with Niels van Doorn for the Social Media and the Transformation of Public Space Conference, Amsterdam, 18-20 June.

(2014) “Realtime: A device perspective” Paper presentation with Anne Helmond and Esther Weltevrede at Social Media and the Transformation of Public Space Conference, Amsterdam, 18-20 June.

(2014) “Measures, Metrics and Data in Digital Research Methods” Public talk and workshop at the Datanetworks Research Group Annual Meeting (Gesellschaft für Medienwissenschaften), Leuphana University Lüneburg, 12-14 June.

(2014) “Detecting the Socials” Public talk at the 10 year anniversary of CSISP, Centre for the Study if Invention and Social Process, Goldsmiths, London, 28-29 May.

(2014) “Interface Methods” Paper presentation at the Digital Methods Winter conference, 14 Jan.

(2013) “Social Media as Multi-valence Machines” Paper presentation at Compromised Data conference. Infoscape Lab, Toronto, 28 Oct.

(2013) “Facebook as Multivalence Machine: The Continuity of Affect, Data, and Economic Value” International Communiation Association (ICA) conference in London in panel on ‘The Social, Economic, and Affective Materialities of Facebook’, 19 Jun.

(2013) “Software-based Data Collection” Lecture and workshop at the Humbold Institute for Internet und Society, Berlin, 29-31 May.

(2013) “Standardised Gifts” Locative Media Colloquium, University of Siegen, with Johannes Paßmann (Siegen), 29 Jan.

(2013) “Accounting Gifts & Fiat Gifts” Digital Methods Winter School 2013, University of Amsterdam, with Johannes Paßmann, 22 Jan.

(2013) “Pace Online” Digital Methods Winter School 2013, University of Amsterdam, with Anne Helmond and Esther Weltevrede, 22 Jan.

(2012) “Issue Mapping as Participatory Method II” Workshop as part of the ‘Issue Mapping’ project, Goldsmiths. Joint organisation and facilitation with Dr. Noortje Marres, 27 October.

(2012) “Mapping Issues with Twitter? Plotting lifelines, detecting partisanship” Issue Mapping afternoon, Goldsmiths, with Dr. Noortje Marres, 26 Oct.

(2012) “Social media and self-evaluation: On numbers, data and temporalities.” EASST/4s conference at Copenhagen Business School, 20 Oct.

(2012) “Issue Mapping Inside Out” The Co-Production of Knowledge: Social Media, STS and More, York, with Dr. Noortje Marres, 18 July.

(2012) “The Co-word Machine” Tool development workshop at Goldsmiths, jointly organised by Centre for the Study of Invention and Social Process and Digital Methods Initiative, Amsterdam. May 23-25.

(2012) “Issue Mapping as Participatory Method” Workshop as part of the ‘Issue Mapping’ project, Goldsmiths. Joint organisation and facilitation with Dr. Noortje Marres, 22 May.

(2012) “Topology Afternoon” Workshop on topology as research method at Graduate Student Festival, Goldsmiths. Joint facilitation with Prof. Celia Lury (Warwick), Dr. Julian Henriques (Goldsmiths) and Prof. Nick Couldy (Goldsmiths), April 30.

(2012) “Digital Methods and Medium-Specific Research” Guest lecture and workshop for MA Creating Social Media, Goldsmiths, 26 March.

(2012) “Self-Evaluating Media. Acting on Data”. Evaluation in the Media conference, Paris, 15 March.

(2012) “Re-working the Fabric of the Web: The Like Economy”. Unlike Us conference, Institute for Network Cultures, Amsterdam, with Anne Helmond, 08 March.

(2012) “Self-Evaluating Media. Acting on Data”. The New Numeracy: A Workshop on Numbers and Numbering Practices, Goldsmiths, with Prof. Celia Lury, 17 February.

(2012) “Social media and Self-Evaluation: Acting on data”. Digital Methods Winter Conference 2012, Amsterdam, 25 January.
(2011) “Chunks of Time. Responding to Real-Timeness”. Real-Time Research conference, Goldsmiths, University of London, 3 December.

(2011) “Introduction to Digital Research Methods” Workshop at Digital Ethnography Weekend, Amalfi Coast, Italy, 19 September.

(2011) “Studying Social Media from a Medium Specific Perspective: The Like Economy”. Digital Ethnography Weekend organised by the University of Milan and Copenhagen Business School, Amalfi Coast, Italy, 17 September.

(2011) “The Like Economy. Social Web in Transition”. MiT7 Unstable Platforms, Massachusetts Institute for Technology, Cambridge, US, with Anne Helmond, 14 May.

(2011) “The Like Economy. Organising Data and the Social”. Platform Politics conference, Cambridge, UK, with Anne Helmond, 12 May.

(2011) “Hit, Link, Like and Share” Conference Presentation. Digital Methods Conference 2010, Amsterdam, with Anne Helmond, 24 January.

(2010) “Tracing and Mapping Consumer/Brand Interactions across Online Spaces”. Digital Methods Conference 2010, Amsterdam, 21 January.

(2009) “Tracing and Mapping the Affective Topologies of Brands”. Changing Cultures – Cultures of Change, ATACD network (A Topological Approach to Cultural Dynamics), Barcelona, 12 December.

(2009) “Made by Many. A Topological Approach to the Evaluation of Brands”. Evaluation Practices in Art Worlds at WZB (Social Science Research Centre), Berlin, 27 November.

(2009) “The Productivity of the Brand”. Economic Sociology Conference, Goldsmiths, London, 18 January.