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Dr. Johannes Paßmann

Medienwissenschaft – Digitale Medien & Methoden


Telefon +49 (0) 271-740 5225
E-Mail johannes.passmann@uni-siegen.de
Adresse Herrengarten 3
57072 Siegen

Bitte kontaktieren Sie mich per E-Mail

Johannes Paßmann

Short bio 

Johannes Paßmann is research associate of the Digital Media & Methods team at Siegen University. He obtained his doctorate in 2016 with a thesis on Twitter in Germany that explored the interrelation between Twitter's software history, and its users' practices (awarded with the dissertation prize of the University). Johannes was a research fellow at Locating Media, a postgraduate program funded by the German research foundation (DFG), worked as a lecturer in the Department of Media & Culture Studies at Utrecht University (NL), was visiting researcher at the Nordic Centre for Internet & Society (Oslo, NO) and is currently visiting lecturer at the media studies department of the University of Basel (CH). His research focuses primarily on theory, history, and aesthetics of social media. Together with Anne Helmond (Amsterdam University) he is principal investigator of "Historical Technography of Online Commenting", a DFG-funded research project that is part of the Special Collaborative Research Center (SFB) Transformations of the Popular (2021-24).