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Informationen M.A. Roads to Democracies

Information on the registration process for the Master's thesis and oral examination

You can register your Master's thesis and the oral examination (Master’s thesis presentation) in an E-Mail to the examination office. Please send your registration form completely filled in and signed as scan to the examination office. You will be informed in an E-Mail once your registration has reached the examination office.

Examination office staff for M.A. Roads to Democracies:

Master's Thesis

The thesis can be registered at any time of the year, however, it must be registered at least six weeks before the official start of your writing time.
Please submit the Registration form to the Examination Office for the purpose of registration:

  • 1. Please complete the electronic registration form published on the examination office homepage, print it and sign it. Please ask the supervisor of your thesis for his confirmation on the form. If you have no second supervisor at the time of application, you should discuss the choice of a suitable second examiner with the first examiner of your thesis and inform the examination office about your choice as soon as possible.
  • 2. If not all of your credits were directly entered in UNISONO by each Professor but certified on a paper certificate, you have to hand in originals of all your course certificates along with one photocopy of each to the examination office together with your admission form. This is necessary because you need to prove that you have obtained the minimum credit points required for admission to the Master’s thesis.
  • 3. Please make sure that your correct postal address is entered in UNISONO – the admission letter will be sent to this address normally about two weeks before the official start of your writing time.
Registration Form MA-Thesis

Statement about Plagiarism

 Style-Sheet MA-Thesis
Formal request for inspection of examination files

Oral examination (Master’s thesis presentation) – defense of your Thesis

Please read the stipulations of the examination and study regulations for the Master's oral exam.
Please complete the electronic registration form (Registration for Oral Examination). Arrange an examination date with the two supervisors/examiners and enter it in the form. The first examiner must confirm on this form (examiner's signature and stamp) that the date and the second examiner or observer has been agreed with him.

Registration Form Oral exam - defense of MA-Thesis