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Presentations in english


  • Müller, M. & Stawarz, N. (2017). Mobility and reservations regarding immigration. Objective mobility, subjective fears and reservations regarding immigration. ISPP 2017, Edinburgh.


  • Müller, M. (2016). Personal dimensions of authoritarianism - Personal Conformity as a new aspect of an old construct? -  ISPP 2016, Warsaw, July 2016.


  • Müller, M. (2014). Personal Conformity and Anti-Semitism - How Personal Conformity And The Perception of Social Norms Interact While Explaining Different Facettes Of Anti-Semitism - ISPP 2014, Rome, July 2014.
  • Müller, M. (2014). Anti-Semitism in Europe. Workshop at the Youth congress of the ZWST. Berlin, February 2014.


  • Müller, M. & Zick, A. (2012). Anti-Semitism and Conformity. 35th Annual Meeting. ISPP 2012. Chicago.
  • Müller, M. & Zick, A. (2012). Anti-Semitism and Conformity: When Jews disturb our Imagination of an Homogenous Society. 25. Jahrestagung des Forums Friedenspsychologie. Universität Konstanz, Juni 2012.


Presentations/Workshops in German (see german version)