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Certified French Tests by external providers


TFI Test

Date: By Appointment
Cost: 67€
Registration only via mail: sprachenzentrum@spz.uni-siegen.de

For all relevant information please click here!

TFI-Test (Listening and Reading)

Test Format: •  Non-incremental placement test with CEFR mapping
(no pass-or-fail exam)
•  With paper and pencil
•  Administration in authorized TFI™ test centers
•  Individual test sessions available by appointment
Language Level: •  A2-C1, in accordance with CEFR
Structure: •  Listening: 90 multiple choice questions in 42 min.
•  Reading: 90 multiple choice questions in 68 min.
Test Length: •  110 min. test duration
Usage: •  Admission requirement for certain study programs
•  Exit tests for graduates to enhance their applications and get better job prospects
•  Evaluation and certification of the receptive French-language skills for job starters and professionals
•  Measurement tool for recruiting and HR development
•  Placement, progress monitoring and exit test for French-language training programs
•  Motivation and employer branding
Results: •  Score report with scaled score (10-990 points)
•  Correlation table with CEFR mapping and Can-Do-Statements
•  Certificate (optional)
•  Score evaluation within 7 working days, excl. postal time