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Prorectorate for Academic Education

The Prorector for Education is responsible for all matters relating to study and teaching at the University of Siegen. She is the representative on the CIO Board responsible for the university library as well as digital study and teaching. She works closely with the Vice Deans for Studies and Teaching of the faculties as well as the Center for Teacher Training and Educational Research (ZLB). The prorectorate is supported by all areas of central administration, the Center for Academic Teaching (ZFH), Center for Information and Media Technology (ZIMT) and the Sports Center (ZB-SB).


Prorector Univ.-Prof. Dr. Alexandra Nonnenmacher

AR-NB 029
Adolf-Reichwein-Straße 2a
57068 Siegen
Telephone: +49 271 740-3486
Email: alexandra.nonnenmacher@uni-siegen.de

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Sigrid Hübner
H-D 4218
Telefon: +49 271 740-2562
E-Mail: sekretariat.prorektorat@uni-siegen.de
Contact hours: Monday (13-15 h) and Friday (9-17 h)


Personal Consultant:
Katharina Jabs
AR-NA 511
Telephone: +49 271 740-4592
Email: katharina.jabs@uni-siegen.de

Personal Consultant for Diversity Policies:
Katharina Miketta
AR-NB 017
Telephone: +49 271 740-2294
Email: katharina.miketta@uni-siegen.de / diversity@uni-siegen.de

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