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Prorectorate for International Affairs and Lifelong Learning

The Prorectorate is responsible for the internationalization of the University. It is supported here by the Vice Deans for International Affairs in the faculties, the International Office and the STARTING unit as well as the Language Center. On the other hand, the Prorectorate is the point of contact for offerings in the area of lifelong leraning; it is responsible in particular for career-oriented continuing education and the portfolio of the House of Science (HDW).


Prorector Univ.-Prof. Dr. Petra M. Vogel

H-C 8310
Hölderlinstraße 3
57068 Siegen
Telephone: +49 271 740-2128
Email: vogel@germanistik.uni-siegen.de

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Sigrid Hübner
H-D 4218
Telephone: +49 271 740-2562
Email: sekretariat.prorektorat@uni-siegen.de
Contact hours: Monday (13-15 h) and Friday (9-17 h)


Personal Consultant for international division:
Eva-Maria Grottschreiber
AR-NA 512
Telephone: +49 271 740-4075
Email: eva.grottschreiber@uni-siegen.de
Attendence times: Monday, Wednesday

Personal Consultant for lifelong learning division:
Taivi Rüüberg
AR-NA 512
Telephone: +49 271 740-5051
Email: taivi.rueueberg@uni-siegen.de
Attendence times: Monday, Wednesday

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