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Funding Councelling and Service

The University of Siegen supports its scientists in all phases of their research projects - from the internal start-up financing of a research idea, the search for suitable funding sources and advice on application procedures, to the administrative, financial and legal handling of projects and the transfer of research results.

Research Support Office


Advice & Application

Logo Referat ForschungsförderungThe Research Support Office offers information, advice, support and coaching on all aspects of your research idea and project application.


Project Accounting Public

Project Implementation (publicly funded projects)

The Project Accounting team supports you in all phases of project implementation on administrative and financial topics.



Project Accounting Private

Project Implementation (third-party funded projects)

Here you will find contact persons and documents on economic projects, taxes, donations and non-independent foundations of the university.

Legal Advice and Patents

Third Party Contracts and Patents

The Department of Legal Advice and Patents handles all legal matters of the university and is responsible for all third-party funding contracts as well as invention and patent matters.


Logo Connect.US

Technology and Knowledge Transfer

Connect.US, the central transfer office of the University of Siegen, initiates and supports the transfer of technology and knowledge between science, industry and society.


e-science service

Research Data Management

The e-science service offers support and advice on data management plans, data archiving and data publication, as well as research and use of suitable repositories, etc.


open access

Logo Bibliothek

Open Access

The University Library supports and advises you on Open Access publications and supports you in financing OA publication fees through its own Open Access Publication Fund.