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The University of Siegen is a dynamically developing, internationally recognized, medium-sized university with clearly visible research and teaching profiles. As a creative place of education, research and innovation, it has positioned itself as an opinion leader in the field of science policy and as a conspicuous European university. The university's research profile is oriented along the guiding theme "Shaping a Humane Future". In the context of progressing and increasingly intensive mediatized and autonomous digitization, sensory and nanotechnological developments are advancing rapidly and often unreflected into all areas of our lives. In the course of these technical developments, we see the task of our research in explicitly taking economic, social, societal and cultural changes into account and designing innovative technology in such a way that well-being is ensured on an individual and societal level. The current research focuses of the University of Siegen are structured along seven thematically oriented, transdisciplinary profile areas:

Research Area 4 Research Area 1 Research Area 2 Research Area 3 Research Area 5 Research Area 6 Research Area 7