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Mission Statement

Campus ARThe University of Siegen finds itself under a two-fold obligation: On the one hand it is to acquire new knowledge regularly and combine it with valid knowledge, making it available, both to internal as well as external interest groups, the general public, and the local community. On the other hand it aims to be a critical conversation partner to society as a whole.

The creed “Designing a Communal Future” is regarded as a guiding principle of the university’s own work, and, in addition to the self designed basic research, also as a guide to the university's cross-faculty structure in research and teaching, as well as its impact on society. Sociological researches in current technical, climatic or even demographic questions - across all faculties – are the scientific expression of this. In order to provide a corresponding knowledge base and to use it as a starting point for future innovative applications, the University of Siegen primarily pursues fundamental research and knowledge-oriented applied research on a high-quality level. In particular, the preparation of contributions to address the great challenges of the future requires above and beyond the disciplinary knowledge base also a combination of disciplinary approaches in multidisciplinary teams, as well as a transdisciplinary approach which integrates society in an appropriate manner into the production of knowledge.