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Funding Opportunities

A major concern of the University of Siegen is the creation of excellent career conditions for the qualification and profiling of young scientists. The University of Siegen offers an ideal environment for the development of individual scientific career paths at all career levels, starting with master students, doctoral students, postdocs and junior professors. The support and advisory services offered, which include both moral and material support, are adapted and expanded to meet the needs of the target groups. In addition to support and advisory services at the qualification levels for master's and doctoral students, postdoctoral students in particular are to be given the opportunity to demonstrate and pave the way for early scientific independence. Doctoral candidates with special potential will receive increased support with the aim of supporting them in their development into research personalities and accompanying them on their further career path, in the best possible way. The independent execution of research projects and the acquisition of third-party funding are important elements in this process.

The Research Funding Department supports and trains young scientists for the first application process in a targeted and individual manner and, together with the House of Young Talents, offers workshops and information events on the acquisition of third-party funding.

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