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Team Welcome Center

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The Welcome Center for International Researchers is part of the International Office of the University of Siegen. We offer advice and support to international researchers (PhD students, postdocs and professors) in all organizational matters. You can find us in the Student Service Center (SSC) on the Adolf-Reichwein Campus (AR).


University of Siegen
Welcome Center
Adolf-Reichwein-Str. 2
57076 Siegen

Our Tasks

  • Information to and support of international researchers (PhD and postdoc)
  • Creating and coordinating network of support services for international researchers at the University of Siegen
  • Institutational coordination of ERASMUS+ Key Action II

Unser Team

Head of Welcome Center

95 x 145 Nina Dr Nina Fenn
(Eva Shirley)

Head of Welcome Center
Coordination of Philipp Schwartz Initiative
Procurement of third-party funding
Advice on funding for outgoings
+49 271/740-4244 AR-SSC 114 Office hours
By appointment

International Researchers

95 x 145 Eva Eva Shirley
(Dr Nina Fenn)

+49 271/740-5044 AR-SSC 107
Office hours
By appointment

Student Assistants

95 x 145 Malin Malin Pöpping


95 x 145 Hendrik Hendrik Zienau