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Learning German in Siegen

Preperatory German Language Courses (DSH-preparation)

If you are a graduate of a foreign school (foreign-educated) and want to enroll at the University of Siegen for a German-language study program (Bachelor or Master), you must demonstrate German language skills (DSH II or a comparable German certificate). All information about DSH courses can be found here.


Offers for Refugees

For those who have fled to Germany from their homelands, the University of Siegen offers special support during the preparation and admission to a study program as part of the "Preperatory Courses for Refugees" and the "Refugees Help Refugees" project. If you are a refugee and are interested in studying at the University of Siegen, please get information here.

Study and Research Accompanying German Courses (A1 to C2)

You are studying or conducting research at the University of Siegen and would like to acquire or expand your German language skills. Then please contact the language center. For our German courses you can earn ECTS points, no matter what your initial language level is.

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