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Sitemap WS-SPK RGB July 2018

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The map is also available as PDF-file

Directions by bus:

Coming from Köln / Gießen / Frankfurt a. M.:
Take the train to the station Siegen. In front of the train station there is the central bus station (ZOB). From here several lines go to Siegen-Weidenau ZOB (R10, R27, R51, C130 a.o.) You also have the option of continuing by train to Siegen-Weidenau (RB93 towards Bad Berleburg, RE16 towards Essen, RB93 towards Hagen). From the (bus)-station Siegen-Weidenau it is a 3-5 minute walk to the FoKoS building. Directions: here.

Coming from Essen / Hagen:
From Essen / Hagen take the part of the train that goes to Siegen. The other part of the train will be detached in Letmathe and proceed from there to Iserlohn. Should you find you are in the wrong part of the train, you can switch in Letmathe. Disembark at the last but one station Siegen-Weidenau. From the (bus)-station Siegen-Weidenau it is a 3-5 minute walk to the FoKoS building. Directions:here.

On the page of the Zweckverband Personennahverkehr Westfalen-Süd (ZWS)  you can find information about the current bus connections. Generally, the DB has this information also.

Directions by car:

Coming from the north - A45 / Kreuztal:

Take the exit Si-Weidenau from the B54 / B62. Complete Directions: here.
Coming from the south A45 / Siegen:
Take the exit „SI-Sieghütte/Siegerlandzentrum“ from the B54/B62. Complete directions: here.
Visitor parking can be found on the street „Am Eichenhang“ behind the train tracks on the left hand side.

Address / Navigation system info:

Weidenauer Straße 167
57076 Siegen