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Roads to Democracies - Digital: Historical and Contemporary Perspectives on Politics, Society and Culture

Postgraduate Certificate Program


1) Upgrade your academic and vocational qualifications

  • Attain crucial and specialized knowledge as well as professional skills for your actual and future career goals
  • Gain and deepen your knowledge of the disciplines that are included in this academic postgraduate certificate program through critical conversation, analytic writing, hands-on learning, and presentation exercises


The Roads to Democracies - Digital postgraduate certificates qualify you for various endeavours in the political, historical, societal, and cultural professional fields. This program, in combination with other qualifications, grants potential entry-level employment in areas like international organizations and NGOs, international aid and development agencies, research institutions and institutions of higher education, cultural heritage institutions, journalism and media agencies, political parties, foundations, lobbying groups and internationally operating companies.

2) Study in the most flexible way and adapted to your personal life situation

  • E-learning and digital teaching allow you a highly flexible study experience
  • Stay with family and friends, combine studying and working in your current job and avoid travel costs and high living expenses in Germany

If you can not move because of personal commitments want to attain specialized theoretical and practical knowledge on democracy and deepen your professional skills for your career, or if you are not able to study abroad for any other reason – this is your chance! Our digital international postgraduate certificate program has been introduced to meet your needs. We offer you a highly academic education and additionally voluntary and free of charge international community-building events. Combining these will allow you to have an on-campus feeling and student life experience while studying online from home.

3) Building on a successful multidisciplinary M.A. program at the University of Siegen

  • Since 2008, the University of Siegen has successfully offered the international, interdisciplinary, and research-oriented Master of Arts program “Roads to Democracies – Historical and Contemporary Perspectives on Politics and Culture,” integrating the subjects of history, political science, international relations and sociology.
  • More than 150 students from more than 50 countries worldwide have successfully completed this international M.A. program at the University of Siegen.

Like in the in presence MA program, we build on a prestigious network of high-ranking partner universities worldwide whose teachers will participate in this postgraduate certificate program.

Our alumni of this M.A. program have entered fantastic positions in international organizations and NGOs like the NATO in Belgium or UN Woman in Indonesia, in research institutions and institutions of higher education like the WHU Otto Beisheim School of Management or lobbying groups like The Texas Gulf Coast Area Labor Federation (AFL-CIO), to name a few.  

Read more about the experiences of our alumni.

4) Offering you an international network of highly professional teachers and professors 

  • Highly academic classes offered by international and multidisciplinary teachers from our partner universities, hand-picked by us to better your learning experience during this certificate study
  • All maintain a solid connection to the University of Siegen and their own international networks, including various prestigious universities in the world

Our international network of researchers and lecturers provides unique and internationalized perspectives that you will not be able to find anywhere else. Several professors hold a prestigious Jean Monnet Chair awarded by the European Commission (Brussels, Belgium) and are members of this strong network and think-tank. At some time or another, each one of these academic teachers has displayed excellence during a research project or teaching endeavor with the University of Siegen. Furthermore, our teaching staff has connections to or comes from very prestigious universities globally and is committed to your learning and academic development within an international context.

5) Offering you intriguing and free of charge community building events
  • Join our voluntary community building events, network with your fellow students, create friends and get to know each other
  • Get your personal on-campus feeling and student life experience while studying online from home

The international community-building events included with these certificates are your way to network, create friends, or relax and socialize with your peers! Best of all, the experience will be catered to your desired goals! Want to learn a language and teach someone else yours? Perfect, we will have a language tandem set up for that. Want to hang out and discuss some reading material with your peers over coffee? There will be a virtual room for that too! Maybe, you want to kick back, relax, and socialize? We can help with that too. Through our weekly “Stammtisch” events (German for regular informal gatherings), there will always be opportunities to get to know each other and have a good time.