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Safety and Security

Current Research Projects


Functional Lifting 2.0:

Efficient Convexifications for Imaging and Vision

Almost all solutions of computer vision and image processing problems rely on high dimensional optimization problems. Examples are the training of neural networks in machine learning techniques, or variational methods, in which the solution is determined as the argument that minimizes a suitable cost function.

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Simplified pan-European bathymetry and wind speed maps,
highlighting the limit area available for wind energy development
in shallow water vs. areas for which deepwater solutions
are required. (Source: Acciona, 1 Tech)

High Power, High Reliability Offshore Wind Technology

During the last 20 years, the research group led by Prof. Fritzen has been dealing intensively with the development
and application of methods for damage diagnosis and structural health monitoring (SHM) of mechanical, aeronautical and civil engineering structures.

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Development and Investigation of a Long/Medium-Range Time-of-Flight and Color Imaging System

In this work, medium and long-range lighting devices working together with a 2D/3D scanner-camera were
developed and the usability for outdoor safety and abnormality detection systems were investigated.

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Scene Analysis (Seismic sensors and Radar sensors)

Long-range Scene Analysis with Time-of-Flight Cameras

Object recognition and tracking are the main tasks in computer vision applications such as safety, surveillance,
human-robot-interaction, driving assistance system, traffic monitoring, remote surgery, medical reasoning
and many more.

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For older projects, as well as lists of projects running during the calendar year, please refer to our annual research reports:

ZESS Report

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