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Research in Detail

Performance Portfolio 

Sensor Principles and Development
Prof. Dr. Haring-Bolívar
Dr.  Bornemann
Terahertz Imaging, optoelectric sensorics, fluorescence analysis, Solid state physics
Prof. Dr. Lemme
(research associate)
Graphs, optoelectronic sensorics, nanoelectromechanical system (NEMS) Graphs,
Optoelectronic sensorics, nanoelectromechanical system (NEMS)
Prof. Dr. Choubey
(research associate)
Circuits and Image Sensors Group

Sensor Information and Signal Processing

Prof. Dr. Loffeld
(senior member)
Optimum signal and data processing, sensor data fusion, remote sensing - SAR
and navigation

Prof. Dr. Roth
(senior member)

Mechatronics and medical engineering
Prof. Dr. Kolb Computer graphics and realtime visualisation
Prof. Dr. Fritzen
(senior member)
Data filtering and error detection, optimal sensor placement, virtual force sensors
Prof. Dr. Blanz
(research associate)
Media computer science
 Prof. Dr. Möller   Computer Vision

 Prof. Dr. Van Laerhoven


Ubiquitous Computing
Prof. Dr. Seeger

Touchless laser based measuring techniques
Prof. Dr. Ender
(senior member)
Radar sensors und radar signal processing
Prof. Dr. Kraemer
(research associate)

Structural Health Monitoring
Prof. Dr. Raasch
(research associate)

Numerical mathematics

High Level Information Extraction

Dr. Hartmann
Dr. Weihs
Embedded system Engineering, 3D-object detection
Dr. Heredia Conde Compressive Sensing for the Photonic Mixer Device
Prof. Dr. Kuhnert Realtime learning systems
Prof. Dr. Manns
(research associate)
Manufacturing Automation and Assembly
Prof. Dr. Nelles Automatic Control - Mechatronics