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Postgraduate Programmes



International Doctoral Programmes at ZESS


In the context of rapid changes of our planet Earth, explosive population growth, accelerating industrialization, especially in the emerging countries, increasing exploitation of resources, serious natural hazards, recent natural disasters, and, importantly, the growing number of complex systems interacting with their environments, the European Training Network (ETN) MENELAOSNT addresses the ever more significant problem of scientifically and technologically exploring the world on micro- and macroscopic scale. The research and development goal is to provide scientists with deeper insights, better understanding and more information to understand and monitor the basic processes and environments in order to predict and possibly control critical evolutions. This would support decision makers with more sophisticated and reliable information for deciding on sustainable measures. MENELAOSNT addresses societal key challenges, e.g., sustainable agriculture and forestry, bioeconomy, environmental changes, resource efficiency, as well as protecting freedom and security of the European society. 


MENELAOSNT applies Novel Technologies to realize multimodal - multi sensor data fusion to optimally combine the information, delivered by different sensors (in-situ/remote, optical/non optical) on different scales, with different resolutions and with different reliability. Traditional remote observation, as well as local (in-situ based) approaches have demonstrated to be insufficient to cope with the ample but very tailored information need of the decision-making bodies.

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International Postgraduate Programme
Research School for „Multi Modal Sensor Systems for Environmental Exploration and Safety (MOSES)“

The international doctoral program of ZESS allows highly qualified applicants a research training in the field of sensor development and data processing at the University of Siegen. Together with the network partners Fraunhofer FHR and Fraunhofer FKIE the ZESS it offers students the opportunity to base a grants-based funding independently in their field to  research.

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GRK - Imaging New Modalities

The graduate school 1564 funded by DFG is a structured interdisciplinary doctoral programme in the application range of civil security with the fields of person detection/biometry, material analysis and scene monitoring. The research work includes the whole field of sensor development, sensor processing up to sensor data analysis. A special focus is on novel sensor elements such as the Photonic Mixing Device (PMD) Technology, spectrally extended sensors in the range of THz-beam and spectrally high-resolution sensors for visible light (colorimetric arrays). Both monomodal and multimodal methods for efficient and robust information mining are researched thoroughly.