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FWU Water Resources Publications
Volume No: 03 / 2005

ISSN No. 1613-1045

DAAD Alumni Summer School 2005 - Topics of Integrated Watershed Management, Proceedings




  • Andrew Ngereza
    "Water and Environment in Tanzania - A Case of Pangani River Basin."
    Mikocheni Agricultural Research Institute. Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
  • Anton Earle
    "Hydropolitics in Southern Africa: What is the Prognosis for Peaceful Development of Shared Watercourses?"
    African Water Issues Research Unit (AWIRU), CiPS, University of Pretoria. Pretoria, South Africa
  • Caleb Mireri
    "Challenges Facing the Conservation of Lake Naivasha, Kenya."
    Department of Environmental Planning & Management, Kenyatta University. Nairobi, Kenya
  • Chris A. Shisanya
    "An Analysis of Accessibility and Pricing of Water Supply in Rural Watersheds: A Case Study of Kakamega District, Kenya."
    Department of Geography, Kenyatta University. Nairobi, Kenya
  • Dan Otieno Ong'or
    "Community Participation in Integrated Water Resource Management: The Case of the Lake Victoria Basin."
    Department of Agriculture, Moi Institute of Technology. Kisumu, Kenya
  • Ernst Doering
    "The Reform of the Water Sector in Tanzania."
    GTZ - Support to the Tanzanian Water Sector Reform Programme. Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
  • Felix Mtalo
    "Water Resources Management Issues and conflict resolutions at a catchment Level. A Case Study of Pangani River Basin, Tanzania."
    Water Resources Engineering Department, University of Dar-Es-Salaam. Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
  • Fred Simon Lerise
    "Facilitating Cross-Border Dialogue. The Case of Umba River Ecosystem in Kenya and Tanzania."
    Department of Urban and Regional Planning, University College of Lands and Architectural Studies. Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
  • Grace Cheserek
    "Indigenous Knowledge in Water and Watershed Management: "Marakwet" Conservation Strategies and Techniques."
    School of Environmental Studies, Moi University. Eldoret, Kenya
  • Jones F. Agwata
    "Water Resources Utilization, Conflicts and Interventions in the Tana Basin of Kenya."
    Department of Environmental Sciences, Kenyatta University. Nairobi, Kenya
  • Joy Apiyo Obando
    "Modelling Soil Erosion and Vegetation Change."
    Department of Geography, Kenyatta University. Nairobi, Kenya
  • Romulus Abila
    "Biodiversity and Sustainable Management of a Tropical Wetland Lake Ecosystem:
    A Case Study of Lake Kanyaboli, Kenya."
    Department of Zoology, Maseno University. Maseno, Kenya
  • Ruger Winnegge
    "Participatory Approach in Integrated Watershed Management."
    Institute for Water and Environment, Universität Siegen, Germany
  • Simon Mang'erere Onywere
    "Morphological Structure and the Anthropogenic Dynamics in the Lake Naivasha Drainage Basin and its Implications to Water Flows."
    Department of Environmental Planning and Management, Kenyatta University. Nairobi, Kenya
  • Stefan Thiemann, Brigitta Schütt, Gerd Förch
    "Assessment of Erosion and Soil Erosion Processes: A Case Study from the Northern Ethiopian Highland."
    Institute for Water and Environment, Universität Siegen and Faculty of Geosciences, Free University of Berlin. Siegen, Germany.








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