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FWU Water Resources Publications
Volume No: 05 / 2006

ISSN No. 1613-1045

Participatory Watershed Management Plan for Bwathonaro Watershed, Kenya



  • Agwata, Jones F.
    Resource Potential of theTana Basin with Particular Focus on the Bwathonaro Watershed, Kenya

  • Krumme, Klaus
    EFU - Ecological Functional Units:
    A Basis for Sustainable Development Planning

  • Dr. Mireri, Caleb
    Land and Water User Conflicts, Population Structure and Growth in Bwathonaro Watershed, Nyambene District
  • Winnegge, Wolf-Ruger
    Participatory Approach towards the Design of a Participatoy Watershed Management Plan
  • Onyando, Japheth
    Framework for Development of Catchment Management Strategy (CMS) in Kenya



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