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About Centre for Planning and Evaluation of Social Services

The Centre for Planning and Evaluation of Social Services (ZPE) is an interdisciplinary scientific unit of the University of Siegen. The research centre wants to function as a bridge between theoretical developments on the one side and conceptual and practical developments on the other side.

The activities of the ZPE cover to theory development, research and consultation within social work, non-school education as well as health care and social policy. They include:

  • Further development of basic research and theoretical concepts,
  • evaluation and investigation of processes on a personal, institutional and societal level,
  • professional, structural and organisational-sociological dimensions of social work and education,
  • evaluation of intended and unintended effects of professional work and its structural framing.

The interdisciplinary approach to research questions is supported by the internal cooperation of scientists of different disciplines. Currently there are scientists from the fields of educational science / social education, sociology, social policy, psychology and social medicine working together.

The ZPE is part of regional, national and international networks. The centre cooperates closely with different organisations of the health service sector, with voluntary welfare organisations, with non-school education services as well as with administration boards and ministries at the Federal State level and national level.

On international level the ZPE is involved in European and international research activities. The centre organises international workshops, congresses and conferences. Members of the ZPE work in several international research projects and constantly cooperate with numerous research centres abroad.

Fields of Activity

  • Rehabilitation, education and care for people with disabilities
  • Health care / community psychiatry
  • Preschool and non-school education
  • Child, youth and family services
  • Youth work
  • Labour market policy
  • Social policy
  • Organisation and social environment
  • Risks and potentials of age