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Academic Career

Academic career

born in Bad Mergentheim


School-leaving Certificate (Abitur) at Gymnasium Weikersheim, Badenn-Württemberg

2000 - 2004:

Studying Social Work (Diplom I) at the University of Siegen

2002 - 2004:
Studying Cultural Education

Practical work in Jaunde (Cameroon). Co-worker in an Aids Project

2003 - 2004:
Three-months research visit in Jaunde (Cameroon). Topic: "Children affected by HIV / AIDS - Life-worlds of children in Jaunde, Cameroon"
Two-months language course at Alliance Francaise de Lyon, in France 
2004 - 2005:

Induction year at the Office of Public Prosecutor in Siegen

2005 - 2007:

Studying Pedagogics at the University of Siegen

2005 - 2006:
Supplementary studies in "Gender-Studies"
2005 - 2006:

School social worker at the Freien christlichen Hauptschule in Freudenberg - Niederndorf

since 2006:

Research Associate for Prof. Dr. Klaus Wolf in the fields of foster care and in the SPFH-Research