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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who is the International Summer School 2019 aimed at? The „International Summer School: Planning and Development of Inclusive Communities“ is aimed at qualified international and German students and doctoral students.
  • How many places are there for international and national students? We have 15 places for international participants and 10 places for national participants
  • Which costs are covered by the University of Siegen: The costs for travel and accommodation for international participants will be borne by the University of Siegen. Hotel rooms will be provided on site. It is possible to use the canteen and cafeteria of the University of Siegen.
  • What are the conditions of participation in the International Summer School 2019? You can participate if you are enroled as a student or doctoral student at your home university.
  • Application procedure: Interested students and doctoral students can apply in writing via professors at their universities to the office of the University of Siegen responsible for the coordination of the Summer School. The coordination office of the Summer School provides an application form for this purpose. There a selection takes place according to criteria of suitability, previous experience and language skills. The same procedure applies to international and national participants.
  • What is the deadline for registration? The deadline for registration for international participants is June 30, 2019. For Siegen students, the deadline for registration is extended until July 31, 2019.