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    Evolution and the Public (1859-2009)

    The discussion of a scientific idea
    and its ramifications since Charles Darwin

    Conference programme
    Day 1: 03.09.09
    Conference programme
    Day 2: 04.09.09
    Conference programme
    Day 3: 05.09.09

    Conference programme

    The conference will be held from September 3-5, 2009 in rooms AE-A 102/103 (first floor) at the Artur-Woll-Haus of the University of Siegen. We start in the mornings of Thursday (September 3) and Friday (September 4) at 10am, on Saturday (September 5) at 9:30am. The conference will end on Saturday afternoon around 4pm.

    We will be discussing various subjects divided into the following sections:

    1. Enter Evolution – Introducing a Field of Debate
    2. Issues and Arguments of an Emerging Public Debate
    3. Evolution and Religion – a Controversy without End?
    4. Images of Scientists and the Public
    5. Eugenics: Defining an Ideal
    6. From Darwinism to Social Darwinism
    7. The Debate on Evolution in the Age of the Human Genome
    8. Evolution of the Public and the Future of the Debate
    Please click on the links below to read the provisional conference programme which offers further information about presentations and speakers: A PDF-version of the programme is now available for download .

    Single presentations and the panel discussion on Friday will be held in room AE-A 102/3. For parallel presentations, the room will be split into two sections. Section A will take place in room AE-A 102, and section B in room AE-A 103.

    The attendance at the conference is free. However, for planning purposes, it is mandatory to register at the conference website . Coffee, cold beverages and snacks will be on offer free of charge for all registered participants. You may also register for lunch for some or all of the conference days for a charge ranging each from 10 to 15 Euros, which will be charged at the venue. All meals are free for speakers and chairs. The guided city tour and the reception at the town hall are reserved for speakers and chairs only.

    Please do not hesitate us, in case any questions may arise:
    E-Mail: evolution@geschichte.uni-siegen.de
    phone: 0049-(0)271-740-4623 (Tim Bernshausen) or (0)271-740-4502 (Susanne Schmitt).

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